New beginnings

Tomorrow I say my final goodbye, via the internet, to my dear friend and mentor Mr Teo Eng Guan. He was 91. Mr Teo led an amazingly rich life. He had a large and loving family, and was a man who had a broad statesman like view and understanding of the world. He had climbed the corporate ladder, dinned with royalty, flown Concorde and yet always made time available to me to ask, oh so many questions. A man of deep faith and integrity, I will carry his wise council with me always. Mr Teo exemplified the adage that it is our values and how we treat others, that define us. Eng Guan was in fact the first person to qualify my early clunky invention as a “system’‘. A deeply profound and defining insight for me at the time.
As Caretech now transitions its business, it is as a new beginning for the company. This is Care Technology and it will save lives. Precious lives. “But ok”, I hear you thinking, “that’s all very nice, but what about the reality of”……. “show us the money”. Watch this space.
Harnessing Industry 4.0 to save lives is one of those big hairy expansive futuristic ideas who’s time is obviously now! It is an ideal worthy of Mr Teo’s time, consideration and attention.
From today I am passing the baton of what has essentially been the David show, to the Caretech Services Team. The question is; will we be able to hold firm to that ideal, monetize and retain our values in the process?

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