COVID19 & The need for accurate data.

Last night Perth time, the Director General of the World Health organisation Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and German Chancellor Angela Merkel officially launched the WHO HUB for pandemic & epidemic intelligence which will be based in Berlin.

The WHO Hub is designed to foster global collaboration, pursuing innovation to increase availability and linkage of diverse data groups, and to use that data to develop tools and predictive models for risk analysis, and to monitor disease control measures and infodemics.

Recently Caretech MD Gregg Boalch delivered a keynote address at a Global Webinar on Public Health. Gregg’s address was targeted at the same subject matter and purpose for which the WHO have developed this HUB.

Caretech’s innovations can contribute significantly, as the company is specifically focused on the application of Industry 4.0 principles and technology to generate accurate real-time data with provenance relevant to many of the challenges the world now faces with the current COVID pandemic and will no doubt face in the future.

I invite you to view his presentation here – the transcript is available in our Publications section.

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