An auspicious day

Today is an auspicious day for me and Caretech. US Patent Pending for my invention is quite a claim to be able to make here. Certainly it’s been a long 20+ year journey to get to this point. Never the less, here I am, and here we are. Caretech has finally made it to the starting line. Slow starter – I think not. It’s now time for me to speak up.
In late September 2019 I was asked by a potential investor to demonstrate an embodiment of my invention with a use-case hypothetical. I did, and in doing so I developed a use-case hypothetical for Disease X. Then on March 11th 2020 the World Health Organisation declared COVID19 a Pandemic “fitting into Disease X category”. – Yep, that happened!
I had come to use the Disease X hypothetical because I had been thinking deeply during the preceding months about what I saw as the ‘highjacking’, or the exploitation of various innovations, purely for business purposes and monetary gain. Playing on my mind had been the notion that invention comes from basically having to “work things the hell out”. Not from seeking to ‘manipulate stuff’ with the sole aim of doing more business. An examination of Disease X previously had presented a very specific set of hostile emergency medical and logistical problems which my invention is primarily designed to address.
As the world is catapulted into the adoption of the 4th industrial revolution we intend to ‘harness industry 4.0 to save lives’, that’s the big tag line idea here folks.
In this blog I will seek to explore some very controversial issues surrounding Industry 4.0 and the IoMT. I am also looking forward to sharing each battle narrative with you, and asking difficult and confronting questions along the way.

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